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A health advisory mobile application for women providing them with professional care & community engagement through fertility, pregnancy, and parenting.

parent child care app | mamahood

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parent child care app | mamahood
parent child care app | mamahood
parent child care app | mamahood

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mama hood & child care
mama hood & child care
Trustworthy Parenting Advice
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Trusted Health Advisors with 24/7 support

The journey from conception to childbirth can be daunting. With outdated and conflicting information online, it’s challenging to find trustworthy sources for guidance and support, that would be mediated by professional health & information provider

Mamahood is your Trusted Health Advisor, providing you with the right knowledge and professional guidance at the most critical and sensitive times of your life.

While health professionals are not always available 24/7, Mamahood offers around-the-clock support, allowing you to make timely decisions about your and your children’s health without delay.

Mamahood provides a safe women-only community where women can share experiences and advice, making the journey of motherhood an exciting and stress-free one.

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Three Motherhood Stages – 24/7 Support

Save yourself from the hassle of switching from one app to another. Mamahood will provide you the ultimate support throughout your motherhood maternity journey.

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If you’re ready to get pregnant or even just thinking about it - Mamahood can do all the fertility maths for you. Nail your fertile window with our science-driven algorithms!



Are nine months feeling like a lifetime? No worries! Mamahood app will track your baby’s development and your body changes, so you feel close and connected with the little one inside you.



Undergoing postpartum is just as challenging as the use of pregnancy pillow. That’s why we’ll still stick around for you! Get the support you need as you recover and adjust to the new life with your tiny bundle of joy.

Access digital tools & community to make informed decisions about your and your baby’s health.

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Ovulation Tracker

Find out if it is the best time to conceive. By knowing if you’re close to ovulating, you can keep tabs if you’re in your fertile window. Also, keep an eye on your period length and instantly spot any changes in your cycle.

Your body and the baby undergo multiple changes through each trimester. You can keep up-to-date about details of your baby’s development based on your due date. This would also help you understand your changing body better.

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Connect With Other Moms

Never feel lonely. Connect with thousands of other moms going through the same anxieties, stresses, and joys of destination maternity pregnancy and motherhood that you are. Ask questions, share experience and get the emotional support you need during this journey.

Contractions Counter

Find out when it’s time to go to the hospital by tracking your contractions. By analyzing the frequency and duration of contractions, you’ll know which stage of labour you’re in at any given moment.

parent child care app | mamahood
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24/7 Online Health Support

Need to talk to a Health Advisor right now? No worries. Have the peace of mind that you can chat and discuss your situation with licensed health advisors any time of the day. Our chat is end to end encrypted and HIPAA compliant.


Join the Beta testing community today!

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    The successful candidate will be responsible for providing expert advice and guidance to users on health-related issues via online chat.