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Coping with Miscarriage

Coping With Miscarriage

Let us reflect on how you rejoiced and were excited about the positive pregnancy results before the unexpected miscarriage happened.  A sudden miscarriage comes with a range of emotions, sadness and disheartening feelings over the loss. The resentful and angry feelings will likely make you withdraw from friends and family.

You may cry a lot, fail to cry, and have trouble sleeping and eating, but do not worry because these are healthy and natural responses to pregnancy loss. Keep in mind that your reaction is what is normal for you. Therefore, having these feelings about what happened and the steps you take afterward matters a lot.

A pregnancy loss before 20 weeks is termed a miscarriage. Miscarriages are triggered by a genetic abnormality that prevents the fetus from growing normally. Day-to-day events such as sex, work, or exercise do not cause miscarriages.

Therefore, following a miscarriage, most women have a rollercoaster of emotions. Unfortunately, some friends and families tell women to ignore the sense of loss, especially when the miscarriage happens early in pregnancy. Still, it does not matter because that pregnancy may have been planned for years. Thus, this article provides you with ways through which you can cope with miscarriage.

Find a support group

Joining a support group is the best thing you can do for yourself. This is because other women have also gone through miscarriages, and sharing the moments will make you realize you are not alone and nothing is wrong with you. You will be surprised to realize that many women have even undergone multiple miscarriages. Thus, support groups will make you heal faster and plan the next move. You can share your story in the Mamahood forum to seek support from other women who’s been through this experience.

Talk to a therapist

Talking to a counselor is very normal, especially when you feel that emotions are interfering with your daily duties or in cases where the sad feelings haven’t lessened after several months, then that’s the right time to speak to your counselor. A counselor will take you through the stages of grief, leaving you whole again.

Managing as a couple

Females react to loss differently compared to males. In most cases, men switch to problem-solving mode anytime they are faced with crises. In addition, most men cannot fix their wife’s grief, which may be due to miscommunication. Talking about the baby may make a woman burst out, and not talking about it may make the woman feel the man does not worry when he actually cares.

Therefore, to stop the impacts of miscarriage on relationships, men are advised to show that they care, open up, and share their feelings. For instance, they take care of the other children if they are there, help with house chores and also go out on romantic dates with their spouses.

An insight from mamahood

After suffering from a miscarriage, fear of getting pregnant again kicks in. However, those are prevalent feelings; do not get anxious. Working on the loss and grief is essential because it will make you emotionally and psychologically ready to conceive again. Therefore, give yourself care and love, and you will recover in no time.

However, do not fear talking to your doctor about any issue you may have. Also, your support group becomes helpful this time, particularly if it has mothers who had effective pregnancies after suffering from miscarriages.

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