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Workplace Wellness for Returning Moms: Employee Wellbeing and Corporate Maternity Support Programs in the Modern Workplace

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In the ever-evolving landscape of the professional world, we find ourselves at a crucial juncture where workplace wellness, women’s empowerment, and corporate success are deeply intertwined. As we address the challenges that women face when returning to work after maternity leave, we open the door to a wealth of benefits that go beyond mere policies โ€“ benefits that reverberate in PR, business growth, and the attraction of top-tier female talent. Employee wellbeing is paramount in this equation.

Statistics tell a compelling story: Less than a quarter (24%) of women go back to full-time after having children, and of that 24%, a staggering 79% ended up leaving anyway due to not being able to maintain a full-time role alongside having a baby. The struggle is not only emotional but logistical, as they navigate sleepless nights and a demanding work environment. This exodus exacts a toll on both women’s careers and companies’ bottom lines. But there is a brighter path ahead, one that can be illuminated with the right corporate health program.

Research indicates that women have a significant positive impact on a company’s financial performance. Working moms have been found to be highly productive in the workplace. By proactively addressing the hurdles that new mothers encounter and offering meaningful corporate maternity support programs, corporates can reap multifaceted benefits. Fostering a culture of flexibility and understanding communicates your company’s commitment to employee wellbeing, boosting morale and loyalty. When women feel valued and supported during their transition back to work, their productivity and engagement soar. Research indicates that companies with higher levels of employee wellness engagement are more profitable by 21% and more productive by 17% than their competitors.

Furthermore, your goodwill in championing work-life balance and maternal support resonates with potential recruits. Today’s workforce, especially talented female candidates, seeks companies that acknowledge and alleviate the challenges of motherhood. A study by Ovia Health found 77% of working mothers consider family-friendly benefits as their top priority. By embracing maternity-friendly policies, you can enhance your employer brand, attract a diverse pool of candidates, and set your company apart in the competitive talent landscape.

Leveraging Mamahood App:
Mamahood App is not just a tool; it is a holistic support system that understands the unique needs of working mothers. By collaborating with Mamahood App, corporates can extend a lifeline of support to their female employees during this crucial phase. This includes supporting women employees through the motherhood journey and beyond, meaning support through the transition back to work.

  1. Seamless Transition: This includes tips on managing post-partum health, time management, emotional well-being, and maintaining a healthy work-life balance. Mamahood Health Advisors range from UAE based licensed Gynaecologists, General Physicians, Paediatricians, etc., to holistic professionals like prenatal/postnatal experts, psychologists, sleep coaches, physiotherapists, and many more.
  2. Networking and Community: Working mothers can connect through the app, sharing experiences, challenges, and solutions. This sense of community reduces feelings of isolation and fosters a strong support network.
  3. Personalized Resources: The app provides resources tailored to individual needs, ranging from Health Tracking tools, exclusive offers and promotions for mother-baby products and services, and educational articles and workshops, enhancing women’s confidence in juggling their roles effectively.

An Insight from Mamahood:
In conclusion, extending support to women returning to work after maternity leave is an investment with tangible benefits for corporations. The data speaks volumes โ€“ companies that prioritize this transition not only enhance their reputation but also foster a culture of inclusivity, innovation, and excellence. By embracing employee wellness and fertility solutions, corporations can create a more prosperous future for both their employees and their bottom line.

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